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Quanterion Solutions IncorporatedThursday, November 27, 2014 
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 100 Seymour Road, Suite C102
 Utica, NY 13502
 Phone: 315.732.0097
 Toll free: 877.808.0097
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   Reliability, Maintainability and Quality Training

Quanterion offers several options for Reliability, Maintainability, and Quality (RMQ) training:

Online Courses:

  • Reliability:
    • "Introduction to Reliability": Quanterion offers a series of online video training short courses called "Introduction to Reliability." The online video series aims to take some of the mystery out of common reliability terms, tools, techniques, and approaches. The series draws from Quanterion's popular in-person Introduction to Reliability "Reliability 101" training course.
    • "REPERTOIRE": A five-course series of online reliability engineering courses called REPERTOIRE structured to address the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Certified Reliability Engineer Body of Knowledge. The courses can be purchased as a set or individually.
  • Maintainability:
  • QuICKER:
    • Quanterion also offers a FREE series of online videos that will help viewers understand current issues in reliability, maintainability and quality. The series, coined “QuICKER” for “Quanterion Internet Connection to Knowledge for Enhancing Reliability contains short informative video tutorials on various reliability topics.
  • Lunchtime Learning:
    • Feel free to take our series of FREE introductory mini-courses in various RMQ subjects. Each is a 20-30 minute treatment of the subject intended to familiarize you with the basic concepts

Instructor-led In Person Training

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